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We hope you're having a great time playing BaseHit. We humbly think BaseHit is far and away the best free sim baseball product on the web. And we intend to make the game even better, while keeping it free. But we could use your help. And not just your money. (Although money is always good.) Here are ways you can help to make BaseHit even better!

  1. Tell your friends about BaseHit! The game is even more fun when there are lots of new users. Do all the members of your roto baseball league know about BaseHit? The guys on your softball team? Your Facebook friends? Why not? Help spread the word about BaseHit!
  2. Like us on Facebook. The best way to share your interests with your social network!
  3. Follow BaseHit on Twitter. Post your own tweets about your BaseHit highlights. Get the word out!
  4. Rate BaseHit on GM Games. It's a great way to promote the game to a larger gaming community.
  5. Volunteer! BaseHit needs help. We need developers, front end designers, community managers, and social marketers. If you want to join the BaseHit team, let us know!
  6. Become a commissioner. Become a mentor. Give back to the community and put your own personal touch on a league.
  7. Edit the help site. Share your BaseHit knowledge and help others learn the game.
  8. Post on the BaseHit forums. Be an active and contributing member of the BaseHit community.

Thanks for being an important member of the BaseHit community. And thanks for supporting the game however you can. If you have any questions or suggestions, we always want to hear from you at